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The Million-Dollar Coach: An Unpopular But Proven Path To Sales Success

Are you just 3000 prospects away from a million-dollar income?

 It may sound crazy, but with the right approach, it’s a realistic goal.  Let me explain.

While traditional methods like building a massive audience can be effective for some influencers, coaches and consultants often require a more targeted strategy. This alternative path, although requiring consistent effort and discipline, offers a predictable and potentially lucrative roadmap to success.

One of my mentors used to tell me, if 95% of the population ends up dead or dead broke at age 65, all you need to do is run in the opposite direction of the masses and you’ll be way ahead of everyone else.

So the path I’m about to outline will force you to run in the opposite direction to the masses,  if you’re ok with that and prepared to put in the effort, I can guarantee you that you’re 12-18 months away from a million dollar income.

For this strategy to work, there are three key pieces of information you need to know, they are…

  1. WHY People Need Your Program/Training
  2. WHAT The Benefits They’ll Receive From Your Program/Training, and..
  3. WHO Is The Ideal Client For Your Program/Training.

This information allows you to build the foundation of what will become a very profitable growth campaign for you, specifically you’ll need to…

Turn Your Program Into A “Product” so instead of your six month coaching program, it’s now “The Sales Co-Pilot Growth Accelerator” or whatever can succinctly describe the real value of your coaching program.  This allows you to,

Create An Irresistible Offer which hits the bullseye with regards to the problems facing your ideal prospects.  For example:  We’ll Build Your Million Dollar Sales Machine And Guarantee You’ll Land A Minimum Of $200,000 Of New Clients Within The Next Six Month”

Then you need to invest the time to find 3000-5000 businesses who match your ideal client persona perfectly.  There are many ways you can do this, for most of us using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to filter and review profiles, saving them into “Lead Lists” is the most effective.

Now, within these lists of ideal clients, there might be several buckets you’d want to put prospects into.  That’s because there could be different problems affecting different prospect types. 

For example your ideal clients could be mid sized companies needing to improve their employee churn.  Within these companies you could target the CEO, CFO and/or Human Resources.  Although the problem is the same and the solution is the same, the motivation for each of these different roles to take action is going to be completely different.  Using the same conversation for all three will likely mean you connect with none of them whereas creating three different conversations targeted at their specific problems will be far more effective.

The Next Step is to create an outreach plan where you contact these prospects 8-12 times a year through a combination of Email, LinkedIn, SMS, and Phone Calls.  I can feel the tension immediately increase as you’re reading this…but just sick with me for a moment.

When done correctly, this outreach campaign operates on three different levels…

Level 1:  Start Conversation

This is where you’re going to leverage tools like LinkedIn and Email to attempt to start authentic conversations with your ideal prospects.  This is likely to gain a 5-8% response rate per cycle at best, meaning you’re going to get ignored and rejected far more often than accepted.

To avoid the anxiety and frustration which comes along with this, you don’t want to be the one personally doing this outreach and only focus your efforts on the next two levels…but you absolutely must have someone committed to managing these Level 1 conversations…otherwise the whole process won’t work.

Level 2: Early Engagement

With the right systems in place you can use behavioral insights from your Level 1 outreach to determine which prospects require a more personalized conversation.  This is where you can use Audio Messages, Video’s, SMS and Even Calling them to convert interest into qualified leads

Level 3:  Long Term Nurture and Follow Up

This is where the magic happens and where the majority of your million dollar income will be created.  I can’t tell you enough how important follow up and lead nurturing is to sustained success.  Let’s say that you started with a list of 5000 prospects and over the course of 3 months 200 of them have responded to your initial outreach.  Half of them for one reason or another you have no interest in doing business with and from the other 100, you’ve booked 15 appointments and closed 4 deals.  You’d be pretty happy, right?

What about the 96 who haven’t yet bought and you’d like to potentially work with.  If you’re like most coaches/consultants you either forget about them or assume they’ll remember you and reach out when they’re ready.

Remember if you simply do the opposite of what the majority does you’ll be way head of everyone else.

So ensure you have a plan in place to touch base with these leads regularly, at least once per month.  Don’t rely on newsletters of generic emails, make it personal and change up the media by using Audio, Video, Email, Direct Message, Phone Calls and Even Direct Mail (Yes Snail Mail)

The Results Speak for Themselves:

With a focused and disciplined approach, this system can generate significant income. Imagine starting with 5000 targeted prospects and connecting with just 15% through consistent outreach. This translates to 750 leads, and even if half aren’t a good fit, you’re left with 375 warm leads. Converting just 5% of these leads into initial engagements and another 15% through follow-up results in a potential 74 deals.

For coaches with programs ranging from $10,000 to $50,000, this translates to substantial income. Remember, the key is consistent effort and effective execution.

Ready to Take Control of Your Success?

While this system requires dedication and hard work, the rewards are substantial. If you’re committed to achieving your financial goals, this proven path can lead you to the million-dollar income you deserve.

Need help setting up or managing this system? My team and I are here to assist. Contact us today to unlock your full potential.

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