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Use outsourced sales development teams to grow your business

Your Sales Co-pilot

A Complete Sales Solution For Better Lead Conversion, Efficient Sales Cycles, And High Value Results.

Your Sales Results Are Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link.

The challenge is most people don’t know how to find their weakest link. You might not believe this at first, because most people have tried multiple ways to create sustainable sales growth and failed.  But there is a proven framework for consistently generating top-tier leads and seamlessly turning them into valuable clients. 

It all starts with this statement… However you decide to  Scale Your Sales, Your Strategy MUST Include These Four Vital Multipliers:

A Proven Method for Predictably Generating High-Quality LeadsEngaging Activities that Nurture and Follow Up with LeadsSystems for Extracting Referrals from Your Existing Network and CustomersEnables You Convert Hot Leads Into Paying Clients

It's common for businesses to excel in one of these areas and struggle with the rest. Your sales results are only as strong as your weakest link.

Our mission is simple: Enable Your Sustained Sales Growth

Most people aren’t familiar with the concept of a Sales Co-Pilot, but let me explain why our Systems and Sales Co-Pilots are the solution you’ve been looking for.

Sales Co-Pilots, and the results they deliver are neither magical nor mysterious. The system and the Sales Co-Pilot team are the natural evolution of witnessing many clients struggle to find a solution for growing and maintaining their sales momentum..

Here’s our recommended flight plan for getting started with your own dedicated sales co-pilot.

We’ve boosted our average client results by 27% and in the process been able to reduce sales costs by 19% on average in 2023.

After studying our result, what we realized was our newfound success for our clients came down to what I’ve already mentioned to you: the four MUST HAVE Multipliers of a successful sales strategy.

It’s not difficult, it’s not complicated, but it’s not easy. The biggest difference our Sales Co-Pilots make which is the total game changer for our clients has been their single minded determination to apply the four MUST HAVE Multipliers on a daily basis inside of their sales functions.

On a daily basis they are committed to…

Unearth High-Quality Leads For You with Precise Outbound Strategies Finding the right leads can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Your Sales Co-Pilot excels at this. No reliance on chance or generic outreach. Instead, they employ targeted, direct outbound strategies, guaranteeing that every lead they bring in is top-notch.Cultivate Genuine Connections with Your Audience and Potential Clients Relationships fuel successful businesses. Your Sales Co-Pilot gets this implicitly. They don't stop at lead generation. They nurture real connections with your audience and potential clients, fostering these relationships over time. This turns your brand into more than just a service provider - it becomes a trusted partner. Clients will feel understood, valued, and heard, leading to heightened loyalty and long-term partnerships.Tap into Referrals and Revive Opportunities in Your Network The most lucrative opportunities often lie untapped within your network. Your Sales Co-Pilot is a pro at uncovering these hidden gems. They're skilled at seeking out referrals and reactivating dormant leads, ensuring no potential revenue goes untapped. This proactive approach means you're not just relying on new leads, but maximizing the value of your existing network.Guarantee Every Opportunity Translates into New Revenue Converting leads into revenue is where many businesses stumble. Your Sales Co-Pilot steps in as a vigilant guardian of your sales process. They make sure every opportunity is seized, every lead nurtured into a paying customer. With their expertise and dedication, no potential client slips through the cracks. With them at the helm, your sales pipeline isn't just flowing - it's flowing with precision and purpose. It’s the combination of the system and the Sales Co-Pilots which multipliers your growth, removes your weakest link without disrupting the rest of your business. Their focus on managing and measuring these tasks enables you to predictably scale.
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Optimizing Your Pipeline and Accelerating Revenue

We had a lot of businesses asking for additional support to help them achieve the best results from their Sales Co-Pilot so we created a Performance Management and Support Framework to help you get the most out of Sales Co-Pilot.

Every business thinks they want more leads, but soon discover the key to revenue growth is about converting leads into revenue is where it's at.

We're not here to generate hundreds of thousands of leads that never convert.

The Rapid Scale Sales Accelerator Support Program Is Here To help you intentionally and strategically optimize every stage of your sales pipeline, remove the barriers to growth, and create an environment where sales and revenue growth flow easily.

This human-driven framework leverages feedback and data to identify the areas where you can get the best results. It's designed specifically for businesses who need guidance and support to create a truly scalable sales function.


Ask us how you can get started with your own Sales Co-pilot team today.


Our Complete Done WITH You Program Helps You Start Getting The Benefits Of Your Sales Co-Pilot Quickly While Avoiding The Common Pitfalls.

Here's the deal: we don't believe in cookie-cutter solutions. Your business is unique, and we get that. That's why our approach is flexible and tailored precisely to suit your needs and circumstances. Our onboarding process is designed to set you up for sustained success and establish a foundation which we can build a long term relationship.

So here's how we're going to help get you started:

Strategy Creation

  • Initial Flight Plan Workshop
  • Create Your Sales Growth Strategy
  • Write Your Sales Messaging Playbook
  • Create Your Daily Activity And Outreach Plan
  • Document Your SOP's And Create The Simple Task Lists
  • Establish Your Tech And Required Tools For Success
  • Pre-Launch Review Workshop

Sales Co-Pilot Recruitment And Induction

  • Recruit Specialist Sales Co-Pilot
  • Induction, Pre-Flight Training Program
  • Specific Job Related Training
  • Ignition Program

Your Dedicated Sales Co-Pilot

  • Dedicated Sales Co-Pilot Managing Your Growth Campaign
  • Working From Our Office Environment
  • All Computer Equipment And Tools Of Trade
  • Team Leader Supervision
  • In House Training Team With Ongoing Training Provided
  • All Local Employment Laws, Salaries, Overtime and Holiday Pay Included

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