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Scale Your Sales FAQ

Rapid Scale Your Sales Course FAQ

What's Included In The Cost?

Included in your program is lifetime access to all the online training portal including all seven modules, three masterclasses, workbooks, checklists and templates. There is two 1:1 Strategy and Coaching sessions to be used as part of the program and access to our concierge customer support to help with any questions.

Should My Managers Participate?

The Rapid Scale Formula Online Program is designed for Business Owners, Their Leadership team and sales management team. As such we recommend they participate with you during the program.

The final module of the program outlines how to create a culture of accountability and growth. During this module we'll outline exactly how to roll this new program out to your sales team.

What If I Have A Number Of People On My Team Participate?

This program gives anyone on your team access to all the training materials at no additional cost.

What Is Online Learning Like?

We've distilled all the variables which make up creating and executing an effective sales strategy down into simple, easy to follow modules. Each module contains video learning content, checklists, templates and examples giving you a complete picture of all the lessons you need to learn.

You are supported through this program through the three masterclasses, 2, 1:1 strategy and coaching sessions plus our concierge customer support, so whenever there is anything requiring further clarification or discussion thee is an easy avenue for you to reach out.

Can I Learn At My Own Pace?

Absolutely! This is a program designed to help you build momentum and drive rapid increases in your sales so we recommend learning one module, implementing it within your business and repeating the process.

What Type Of Assignments Do You Give?

We're not big on assignments, so everything we're going to ask you to develop is going to help you implement the seven foundation pillars into your business and deliver you the sales results you deserve.

How Long Does Each Module Take?

Each module is going to take you between 2 and 5 hours to complete and implement within your business. Often you're going to go back and make some adjustments to what you've developed once you've implemented it, so it's important to understand there is a process to create the optimal results for you. So we recommend you loo

Virtual SDR Team FAQ

1. Do I Need To Hire A Virtual SDR?

No!  The Rapid Scale Formula will help you create everything you need to scale your sales which you can implement and manage completely on your own or with your existing team.

2. If I Do Hire A Virtual SDR Team Do I Need To Use You?

Absolutely not.  There are multiple ways you can hire a Virtual Sales Development team.  We do have an option which could  be a good fit for your needs, but there are lots of other options which could work better for you based on your circumstances.

The foundations which we will help you establish will make whatever team you chose to build easier to manage and more profitable.

3. Will a Virtual SDR Team be able to understand and effectively sell our products or services?

All Virtual SDR’s speak fluent English and have passed strict written and verbal proficiency tests.  

A Virtual SDR’s responsibility is to create demand for your products and services, generating leads, booking qualified appointments and following up on leads.  With a Non-Voice campaign (which is what we recommend) for the agents, this is more about following a process than having superior product knowledge of specific sales abilities.

Supporting your Virtual SDR with the right processes, outreach plans and customer journey playbook will enable them to create the demand and qualified appointments consistently for you.

4. How do we ensure that the Virtual SDR team is properly trained and equipped to represent our company?

By establishing a strong foundation before you hire your first Virtual SDR, establishing a project management tool to manage their daily activities and adopting non-voice campaigns which rely on repetitive tasks which can easily be templated you can take an inexperienced agent and have them deliver you results within a couple of days.

5. What kind of support and resources will we need to provide to the Virtual SDR Team?

Just like any team, they need to feel part of your company so we suggest you include them in all of your team meetings and internal communication.  We’d recommend investing time regularly into product based training so your team gets a great understanding.

Establishing the right foundation before you hire your virtual team will make performance management easy because you’ll have all the reporting and insights you need to make data driven decisions and can

If you’re building your team through us, they’ll automatically be part of our amazing team culture, get to participate in our regular training sessions and team building events.  We have a dedicated team of trainers, and human resources which you can leverage  (at no additional cost) to get the best out of your team.

Also, if you’re currently engaged with one of our Virtual Sales Directors, they will personally oversee the performance of your team, smooth integration with your local sales team and continually drive new standards and results.

6. How will we communicate and collaborate with the Virtual SDR Team effectively?

We strongly recommend at least one weekly full sales meeting to share wins and feedback.  Your team should be also running a daily performance huddle which can be driven locally or through your virtual SDR team.

One of the requirements you should have in place for your agents is a daily activity report outlining what they did each day and the results which were generated.

Beyond that, leveraging a communication platform like Slack or WhatsApp is also highly recommended to keep communication delays to a minimum.

7. What are the costs and benefits of using a Virtual SDR Team compared to hiring in-house sales staff?

Hiring a Virtual SDR Team can reduce your expenses by up to 70%,  the base salary and benefits you need to offer your Virtual Team are a fraction of what your local team would command.  But there’s also significant savings with Real Estate, Electricity, Internet and other overheads being significantly cheaper.

You also have a much more flexible agreement, allowing you to expand or reduce your team size as your needs change easily and without any significant expenses involved.

8. How will we measure the performance of the Virtual SDR Team and ensure that they are meeting our sales goals?

Implementing The Profit Levers performance management framework will give you all the insights you need to improve your processes, train your agents on the specific areas they require and continually optimize your overall sales results.

9. How can we ensure that the Virtual SDR Team is aligned with our company culture and values?

Keep them involved in all of your team meetings, communication and events.  Be clear on your expectations before hiring and recruit based on an alignment in these values.

If you are building your team with us, we’ll instill the culture of accountability, adaptability, community and growth through our events and training while assisting you to instill your cultural and values in your team as well.

10. What are the legal and compliance issues we need to consider when working with a Virtual SDR Team?

If you build a team through us, we’ll have a basic service agreement in place between our company and yours.  We’ll then manage all of the employment, taxation, compliance and other legal issues for you as part of our fixed monthly fees

Scale Your Sales General FAQ

How long has Scale Your Sales been in business?

Scale Your Sales origins began in 2012 when Mat launched his Automotive Sales Training business Online To Offline (O2O) In 2015, he visited Thailand where he experienced first hand the atrocities which are Human Trafficking and Sexual Slavery. It was here he made the commitment to make an impact and began helping companies Scale Their Sales. In 2022, because of the exceptional growth Online To Offline (O2O) was rebranded into Scale Your Sales.

Do you help build a repeatable sales process?

Yes. Everything we do is grounded with repeatable processes which can be measured, managed and quality controlled.

What is your customer satisfaction policy?

With our Done With You Accelerator Program And Our Virtual SDR Team we have a 30 day love us or leave us policy so if you're not completely satisfied with us as a company and there's no possibility of working through your challenges we'll agree to part ways as friends.

That said, we'd always rather work through anything which is getting between you being completely satisfied and delighted with us, so we encourage consistent and honest communication so we can continue working towards helping you achieve your goals.

Does Scale Your Sales work with our departments in our business?

Yes! One of the biggest reasons our clients achieve the sustained results working with us is because of the time we invest integrating our team within their team to create a seamless sales process

Does your process work with new reps or only seasoned salespeople?

The oldest sales person we've ever trained was 83 (who had been involved in sales from age 15) and many would have you believe I have been training each of my kids to sell since birth. Our trainings work with anyone, no matter how experienced or inexperienced your reps are.

How does your process help us select right people for our sales team?

Because we help you build a complete and repeatable sales process and all the tools you need to measure progress, manage results and ensure consistency this makes hiring and training new team members much easier.

When it comes to selecting who to add on your team, one of your critical requirements needs to be their willingness and ability to follow your processes fully...if they don't follow your processes, they'll never work out.

What insights can we expect to learn about our current sales team that will help us scale faster?

You're going to learn quickly who is a valuable member of your team and who (if any) you need to move along. Many businesses make the mistake of hiring people without having the right processes in place, in some cases these people are desperately looking for the leadership and experience which comes from programs like The Rapid Scale Formula. In other cases, employees become set in their unproductive ways and become unwilling to evolve.

This process will uncover those who are looking for structure, support and leadership and will embrace the opportunities to improve their results with this help.

How does scale your sales help make the customer journey better?

Our entire process is designed to create consistency in the customer journey so every one of your prospects is given the same opportunity to buy.

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